Liverpool vs Exeter – No Lose Bet.

Liverpool face Exeter at Anfield tonight at 8pm. The first game ended 2-2 can the visitors pull off a massive upset? Tell you what im willing to give out 10 free bets on this game.

Join sky bet and make a bet on tonight’s match. Bet on Exeter to win and if they do you win that bet. If it loses ill pay you back your £5. Sound fair?

Click here to make a skybet account. Do your bets. If Exeter lose this match I will pay the first 10 players who take up this offer back there £5 bet.


  • Only players from the following countries are eligible: United Kingdom, Channel Islands, Ireland, Finland, Gibraltar.
  • You must be over 18 and never played at Skybet before.
  • Send me a screenshot of your bet. You can do that here.

What are you waiting for, get a free bet on tonight’s FA cup match.

Liverpool vs Exeter