Premier League Betting

The English Premier League is one of the most popular leagues in the world. It’s probably of little surprise that in turn it generates one of the biggest sports betting markets for a host of international bookmakers. The availability and exposure the league gets on a global scale has allowed it to become the most viewed football league in the world resulting in millions of viewers each week.

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Where is the Premier League most popular?

English Premier League Betting CountriesAs the league is based in England the biggest following naturally comes from the UK and Ireland. In fact, markets for Premier League betting will likely account for a significant percentage of UK based bookmaker’s overall takings. The television coverage is the major driving force behind the success of the Premier League with satellite and terrestrial television channels both offering extensive live coverage and highlights of all games.

The market in Europe is another that produces a massive following for the league. Countries such as Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Portugal and more have competitive leagues of their own, but few that conjure up the appeal that the Premier League offers.

Other markets that have seen considerable growth over the years include Asia, Australasia, South America, the USA and Canada. Again these are all places where football has a massive following with their residents and it’s only natural that the desire to watch the greatest league on the planet is going to grow as games become more accessible. Some of the more emerging markets are that of India and South Africa where football on the whole continues its growing appeal.

How to bet on the football

How to bet on FootballBetting on football can be as simple or as complicated as you like. You can place a straightforward bet on a market of your choice or you can start implementing strategies and systems to try and maximize your profits. Either way there is definitely something for everyone when it comes to betting on football.

The first thing you need to be looking at is site selection. As the punter you are most definitely in the driving seat when it comes to picking which site you want to use. The widespread availability of football betting means that bookmakers have to work hard to entice customers through their doors. They do this by providing free bets, betting bonuses, money back offers, inflated odds and even just outright comparisons with rival bookmakers of whom they offer a better service than. It’s your job to then select a site which will offer you the best overall package.

If you are new to betting then you may have seen odds portrayed in several different ways. The most common form of bet is known as a fraction, so something like 5-1. This means that for every 1 unit you place you will receive 5 units of profit, plus your 1 unit stake back. Decimals are the next form of odds which will look something like 6.0. The decimal number is the amount you will receive cumulative for every 1 unit placed.

American odds will look different again. These are generally known as money lines and will be presented as a positive or negative number (+100 | -170). If the number is positive then this will show you how much you would win if you placed 100 units on it. If the number is negative then this would show you much you need to bet to win 100 units.

When betting on the Premier League you will quickly see that there are a lot of different bet types. These will likely differ from bookmaker to bookmaker depending on how many markets they have open but for any one game can hit 100+. Some of the more common include match betting, first goalscorer, correct score, Asian Handicap, total goals, draw no bet and winning margin.

Football Betting Guides

Mobile Betting

Moblie Betting on FootballMobile betting is probably the biggest innovation to the betting world since the introduction of the betting exchanges. Pretty much all the major bookmakers have produced smartphone and tablet ready mobile sites which are condensed versions of their desktop sites. And by condensed we don’t mean in terms of markets and sports, more design and layout with it integrating more with a handheld device.

The mobile betting market is one that continues to grow with more and more bettors being able to access bookmakers whilst on the go. Bookmakers are even targeting mobile users with mobile specific betting offers when they use their betting app. It’s a continuously evolving market and as the technology in smartphones continues to improve, as do the betting apps.

Live In-Play

Live Football BettingLive in-play betting allows punters to bet on a match as that game takes place. This means that they can apply knowledge and nous to their bets and alter them if they think appropriate. The live betting markets are often a hive of activity for the English Premier League and expect most bookmakers to turn the majority of their markets ‘live’ as games start.

One thing that live betting accompanies well is the betting exchanges and the ability to back and lay results during a match. When odds begin to fluctuate as and when major events in the game occurs, the ability to lock in profits, amend bets and even limit loses will all become available.

Handicap Betting

Handicap BettingOne of the most favoured betting markets comes in the form of handicap betting. The concept behind handicap betting is to try and level the playing field somewhat when one team is initially a big favourite over the other. So instead of picking Manchester United to beat a poor Wigan side at odds which hold very little value, you can handicap Manchester United by giving Wigan a hypothetical head start in the match. The score at the end of match will be adjusted depending on which handicap market you chose before the bet then being settled.


Football Accumulator BettingAccumulator betting is a massive pull for Premier League bettors. An Accumulator also known as a Parlay is a bet where you place four or more results on one coupon and you need each of those results to come in for the accumulator to be successful – it’s worth noting that a bet with two results is called a double and a bet with three results is called a treble yet they both have the same principles as an accumulator. The main reason that accumulators are so popular is the fact that for a very small outlay you have the opportunity to make a large profit.