UK & Ireland Football Betting

UK and Ireland Football BettingFootball fans in the UK and Ireland are not only spoiled with the top quality players that are in the game, they have plenty to choose from when it comes to finding bookmakers. There has always been a betting culture in UK football but now it is all above board and there are plenty of online betting opportunities; British betting, and more to the point Premier League betting, has never been bigger.

UK bookmaking firms and online sites are the template for many countries around the world and these sites also attract a great number of users from within and outside the UK and Ireland. A large part of this is down to the popularity of the Premier League but innovation amongst betting sites and great odds are also major factors in why UK and Irish betting sites are so popular.

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How to Pick A UK or Irish Bookmaker

First of all, the choice of what UK or Irish online bookmaker is right for you could well be a personal decision. It may well be that you prefer a particular type of bet and if a site is better at offering this than other sites, that will be the right site for you. With so many different in-play football bets to choose from, some sites will have an advantage over others. There are also many sports for you to consider but if you just want to focus on English, Scottish, Welsh or Irish football, there are some sites that provide more attractive odds or a wider variety of betting options than others.

So, when you are thinking about choosing a main UK or Irish bookmaker, think about what you want from them. With this in mind, you will be better positioned to consider the different elements and apply your own criteria to the different options. There are some sites that consistently provide better odds for games but this can change very quickly and if you stick with one site, you are limiting your exposure to the market and in turn, limiting potential profits. In many cases, it doesn’t hurt to have a portfolio of betting sites to choose from, even if you do return to one more than the others.

The amount of options for British football betting is huge online and whether you bet recreational or professionally, you will find plenty to enjoy. Some football fans like to have a flutter on a match they are watching because it provides an added edge to the game. Some like to back their team, whereas other people treat football betting as a way to make a living. Social media is a great resource to exploit in terms of finding the best odds and promotions bookmakers may be running. A great deal of bookmakers are starting to plough hefty advertising costs into promotions these social media sites as a way to quickly promote offers and odds from matches around the UK.

Depositing Funds Into Your UK / Irish Online Bookmaker Site

If you want to be able to place bets, you need to have an active betting account. Luckily UK football betting fans will have no problem with this. There may not be the sort of money in your account that is in the bank account of an English Premier League football but if you want to bet, you will find it is simple to add funds to your account.

The vast majority of UK credit and debit cards are accepted without any problems; so if you have Visa, MasterCard, Solo, Maestro or Switch cards, then there will be few problems in terms of depositing or withdrawing. There are also an increasing number of online payment methods available such as Neteller, Click2Pay, Skrill PayPal deposits as well – these are better known in the industry as e-wallets. The vast majority of these deposit options will also be suitable for withdrawals and you can usually request a bank transfer too. Withdrawal times range depending on your bookmaker but will likely take between 2-5 business days to reach your chosen banking destination.

When it comes to reliable and reputable online bookmakers, the major names in UK and Irish football betting carry very strong reputations and your funds will be stored safely and securely.

Knowing that you can place English football bets is important but the real incentive can come with the welcome bonus or incentive offers such as free bets or money back specials. There is a variety of opening offers available and this is where you should look around for the best deal. Some sites will provide you with a free £5 to bet with, others will provide a matched deposit bonus, usually of 100%. There are even some football betting sites that will provide you with a reload bonus, allowing you to have more money to bet with when you come back to your account. Not every site offers the same promotions so it’s imperative that you spend a little time looking around to see which depositing bonus works best for your betting blueprint.

Is football betting in the UK legal?

While this may seem like a simple question, there have been times when a different answer would be provided to football betting fans. Gambling was officially legalized in the UK in the 1960s creating the platform for reputable bookmakers to offer odds and a reliable services. This has been the backbone of the UK betting industry but a notable change came in 2005 when the Gambling Act came into play. In many ways, the tight regulations imposed by the Gambling Commission has been to the benefit of football betting fans, giving them greater confidence to place their bets and know they will receive any winnings they are due.

Paying tax has always been a big part in British life and it has been central to many big sports stories of recent times. Whilst some clubs have been caught out previously due to tax evasion – the most recent being that of Rangers FC- as punter you actually pay no tax on any of your winnings in the UK and Ireland. Whilst this is a grey area for many countries, even ones based within Europe, UK and Irish citizens betting within the UK can enjoy football betting as a tax free commodity.