Goal Rush

The Goal Rush market is one of the latest crazes in football betting. Ran by powerhouse bookmaker Ladbrokes, the markets works similarly to an accumulator bet but instead of choosing which team you think will win, you simply choose games where both teams will score or not. Again, similarly to an accumulator bet, the more games you put onto your goals rush coupon, the more the odds will increase.

How it works

Each week Ladbrokes will list a series of games from matches in that upcoming game week. Whilst they generally try to keep it to English football teams, there will be the times where they include international fixtures and even games from foreign leagues depending on the availability of matches.

Play Goal Rush at Ladbrokes

On each list there will be around 50 matches to choose from –selected by Ladbrokes. All you then need to do is select at least three of those matches to put onto your goals rush coupon. Depending on how many matches you select will depend on the odds you receive – the more matches the greater the odds. Whilst the odds may vary slightly from game to game, the price on whether both teams will score or not, will generally settle around even money for each.

Remember that in order to win your bet you need a goal from both teams if you select ‘yes’  and just one team not to score if you select ‘no’. If just one of your bets fails to match these criteria then your bet will lose. Also bear in mind that the actual result of the game is irrelevant for Goals Rush; the criterion for each bet just needs to be matched to win.

Variations of Goal Rush

As the betting format continues to grow in popularity bookmakers are finding new ways to incorporate similar concepts into betting markets. A favourite is the ‘Both Teams Not to Score’ market which works the same except you choose games where you think both teams won’t score in the match.

Goals Rush Bonus

Another of the newer markets to come into fruition is the Goals Rush Bonus market. This market will likely include some games where both teams are less likely to score and to combat that the odds are bigger than the traditional Goals Rush market. The concept is exactly the same and pay outs will vary depending on which games you choose and the odds for those matches.

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