Accumulator Betting

Accumulator betting has become one of the most popular forms of betting for a variety of sports. Football in fact has one of the biggest accumulator betting followings of any sport. It works by selecting two or more outcomes on a single betting slip. So rather than placing 5 individual bets on five different outcomes, you combine those bets to make one big bet. The odds are multiplied together to get your accumulator price; you then only need to bet once on the outcome of that accumulator.

The biggest lure punters have towards accumulator betting is the fact that they can get much bigger pay-outs for a relatively small outlay. On the flip side you only need to have one of those bets on your accumulator to lose for it then to become void and you lose your bet.

You can add as many bets to an accumulator as you like. Obviously the more selections you include the greater the odds will be. But bear in mind that greater the odds, the less chance that accumulator actually has of coming in. Some of the biggest pay-outs in the betting industry have come from accumulator betting with stories of people winning hundreds of thousands from a bet of just a couple of units.

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How are accumulators calculated?

The math for working out an accumulator is actually very simple; it’s just all the odds in your betting slip added together. Let’s say we had five selections from the English Premier League of Liverpool @ 2.00, Manchester United @ 2.34, Chelsea @ 1.84, Arsenal @ 2.1 and Swansea @ 2.3 all to win. Individually we know the odds for each, but our accumulator would then become 2.00 x 2.34 x 1.84 x 2.1 x 2.3 to give our accumulator price of 41.59; a much more appealing price than simply taking a single bet on each market. But we only need one of those teams to lose or even draw for our bet to be unsuccessful.

Odds can be calculated in fractions as well, but it’s much simpler to take the decimal price. If you aren’t familiar with decimal odds then work out your price, then stick it into a betting converter to tell you the fractions price.

Types of accumulator bets

There are many types of accumulator bets of which we will show you in this section of the article. You may have heard of a double or treble already and these are basically just bets with two or three selection in the accumulator.

  • Trixie – A Trixie works by covering 3 different outcomes over four bets. These are three doubles and one treble. The doubles will include 1+2, 2+3 and 1+3. The treble will be 1+2+3. With it being 4 bets you would place 1 unit for every bet, so 4 units total.
  • Yankee – A Yankee is based over 4 separate games and includes 11 bets. These are 6 doubles, 4 trebles and accumulator with 4 bets on. You can include placed bets within your selections. You need to get at least two results right for a pay-out and place a unit on all eleven bets.
  • Lucky 15 – A Lucky 15 is exactly the same as the Yankee, but this includes four singles. Obviously your stake will be a unit per bet, so 15 for a Lucky 15.

There are a number of other bets all working similarly with added selections of singles, doubles trebles and accumulators. These include Canadian/Super Yankee (26 bets), Lucky 31 (31 bets), Heinz (57 Bets), Lucky 63 (63 bets), Super Heinz (120 bets) and a Goliath (247 bets).