BetFred – Scoop 6 Soccer

Play Scoop 6 SoccerScoop 6 Soccer is a great game at BetFred and it is super easy to play. A lot like sky sports Super 6 for money the idea is to try pick 6 correct scores from a selection on matches, if you get them you win £250,000* It costs just £2 to enter and you can play as many times as you like.

If you did get 6 correct you will also get the chance to win a cool £1 Million the following week with guessing the correct score of the nominated match. You can win a consolation prize with 4 or 5 correct scores. It really couldn’t be easier.

  • Get 6 correct scores to win or share in the £250,000 jackpot* multiple correct scores shares the jackpot. Plus play for £1000,000 the following week.
  • Get 5 correct scores to win 5 X the consolation prize amount.
  • Get 4 correct scores to win 1 X the consolation prize amount.

For eg: last weekend the consolation prize was £4525.20 for 4 correct. If you had of got 5 correct you would of won 5 X £4525.20 = £22626.

These odds are massively increased from doing regular accumulators.

You can enter as many times as you like for just £2 a go. Please remember to take a screenshot of your selections as they will not be available in your history. A tool I love for doing this is MWSNAP & its free.

Scoop 6 Soccer Game Fixtures