Football Betting in Europe

Soccer Betting in EuropeOne of the best things about online betting is the fact that it has opened up the possibilities to place bets on near enough any top-level football game taking place. With satellite TV and online streaming, football fans can watch games taking place all across Europe and they now have the opportunity to bet on them too. Whether you love Spanish football with Barcelona and Real Madrid battling it out, Italian football with Juventus and the Milan giants or even Germany where Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund have reigned supreme in recent years, you can enjoy the increased exposure of European football and betting.

Of course, European football is not just about the big teams. The Champions League, Europa League and the many domestic leagues make it easy to focus on the major teams, but there is so much more to enjoy. If you love your football and you like to bet on football, European football provides you with a great number of opportunities to enjoy what you do.

There are many great and reputable European online sports betting sites and with the legal situation in many countries becoming more black and white, rather than a grey area, there is an increasing opportunity for European football fans to bet on their favourite teams or games. Across Europe, there are many state run betting organizations which provide the highest level of security and assurance. If you are wary of a certain betting then steer clear. More often than not your instincts will be right and there are an abundance of alternative, reputable European betting sites to choose from.

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With so many changes taking place in the European betting market, we have made it our job to stay as up to date as possible with betting legislation in a host of countries throughout Europe.

How Can I Deposit Funds into a European Betting Account?

The flexibility that Europeans have over how they deposit funds into their betting accounts is massive. Compared with countries such as the US, all major credit cards and a mass of safe and secure e-wallets are all available to use frequently and often without any fee’s.

Two of the biggest e-wallets come in the form of Skrill (formally known as MoneyBookers) and Neteller. Both of these companies are highly regarded international e-wallet providers and can be utilised for depositing and withdrawing funds. Credit/ Debit card payments are another popular way to manage your funds. More often than not no charges will be incurred using these methods compared with the e-wallet option where small transaction fees are often charged. Finally bank wire is another option which is very popular due to the ease and again, lack of fee’s involved.

Is football betting legal in Europe?

Given that there are so many different countries in Europe and there is no over-riding law regarding betting, it is perfectly relevant to ask whether betting on European football is legal. In this instance, it is best to look at the individual countries involved.

The UK: Home of the English Premier League and the Scottish Premier League, the UK is a great location to place football bets. Online football betting is completely legal and there is no tax to be paid on winnings from UK football betting.

France: With PSG spending big, there is a real air of excitement to French football and online football betting is legal in France. However, if you enjoy betting exchanges, these are currently illegal in France so be aware of that. There is no need to pay taxes on any football betting winnings in France unless you consider yourself to be a professional or gambler or sports bettor, where you will have to file for tax.

Italy: There is a state run betting monopoly in Italy but demands from the EU have encouraged the practice to become more open in recent years. There is nothing to stop you from betting on football online in Italy and again, winnings are not taxed.

Germany: Even though the Bundesliga is a hugely popular league, online football betting is illegal in Germany. If you are a German citizen, you will find that some European based football sites will accept your custom and your money but it is important to be aware of your actions and any potential consequences.

Norway and Sweden: Both nations provide online football betting and Scandinavian citizens will not have to pay tax on any winnings earned on an EU based site. However, anyone who bets on a site from outside the EU will find that their winnings are subject to a 30% tax.

Spain: The online gambling laws have been changing recently in Spain and online football betting is now perfectly legal. There is a slight drawback in the fact that you will be charged between 10% and 30% on your winnings, dependent on the type of bet that is placed.

Greece: It is legal to bet on football online in Greece and there is a standard rate of 10% tax to be paid on all gambling wins.

Denmark: While it is legal to gamble on football online in Denmark, there is a whopping 45% tax to be paid out on any internet winnings.

Even though there is a great amount of European football to bet on, you can of course bet on other football (and even other sports) on European betting sites. There is a huge range of football bets, live in-pay bets and seasonal bets available for many football leagues and international games around the world. With the online betting era providing a great range of opportunities for people to increase their betting potential, getting to know the benefits of online European football betting sites will provide you with a great benefit in the long-run.