Premier League Betting – Asia

Football Betting Sites for Asia

It’s no secret that sports gambling in Asia is big business. The biggest bookies in the world operate in Asia and in most cases you can wager in your home language as well as your country’s currency. Being able to wager in your own currency and language is a big benefit that most bettors in Asia prefer based on our research. We’ll show bettors in multiple regions where to bet.

There are a lot of Asian bookies and UK bookmakers that offer Premier League odds including Asian handicaps. If you have a lot of turnover you may need to join Asian bookies, as they have huge limits that the UK bookmakers can’t compete with. If you’re a sharp bettor in Asia you won’t be able to take advantage of the soft Premier League lines for too long before being limited.

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Best Premier League Bookies in China

Wagering in China online is growing annually and many bookmakers have a firm hold of the market. At leading bookies such as the popular UK bookmaker 888 bettors in China can wager in Chinese and in the Chinese Yuan (RMB) currency.

Best Premier League Bookies in Japan

Being able to wager in Japanese Yen (JPY) and bet in Japanese is a big factor for bettors in Japan. We recommend 888 as they have excellent odds, big limits and lots of markets in the EPL. 888 is an Asian bookie that’s also available in Japanese.

Best Premier League Bookies in Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most popular betting regions in Asia. A number of great bookmakers offer betting in Vietnamese and you can also wager in the Vietnamese Dong (VND) at the bookmakers we’ve listed right below.

Best Premier League Bookies in Malaysia

Malaysia is great for betting, as most bookmakers accept Malaysian residents and offer great banking methods. You’ll be able to fund your account with your bank account at the best Malaysian bookies. You can also bet using the Malaysian Ringgit (MYR).

Many other countries in Asia have competitive online gambling markets that have been established for years. Bettors that live in Indonesia can bet using Rupiah (IDR), Taiwan bettors can wager in Taiwan Dollars (TWD), Singapore residents can bet using the Singapore Dollar (SGD), Macau bettors can bet using Pataca (MPO). Almost every Asian country can bet in their local currency.

Funding Your Asian Bookie Account

In Asia the best way to move money around bookies and your bank is e-wallet (electronic wallets). Skrill and Neteller rank as the best two methods in Asia, as the e-wallet is accepted practically everywhere. Some Asian bookies will allow bettors to fund their account using a bank account, which is even better. However, that option is only available in certain Asian countries right now.

Is it Legal to Bet Online in Asia?

Like always, you should consult your local laws for confirmation on whether you can gamble, but we can say that most countries in Asia don’t have laws preventing bettors from wagering online. There are a few countries that restrict residents from wagering on certain sports online like Hong Kong due to the country run gambling website. However, some sites still accept HK bettors.