Mobile Betting

Mobile betting is part of the next generation of online sports betting. Over the last couple of years the concept has exploded onto the scene and it’s reported that over 35% of all bets are taken via smartphone or tablet devices.

It actually took a fair while for bookmakers to really get to grips with mobile betting. There’s little doubt that the industry of apps on mobile phones came about long before the first betting app; and for an industry which is normally right up with the times, was surprising.

But mobile betting is certainly on the up. There are few bookmakers these days that don’t have a mobile betting site or app of some kind. Many of the largest bookmakers have exclusive, downloadable apps whereas there are still some which just have a mobile version of their current site.

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How mobile betting works

The concept is pretty simple; the idea of the betting app is be a more mobile friendly alternative to a bookmakers existing betting site. This is both in terms of functionality and aesthetics, whilst not losing any of the traits that had made the original betting site so successful.

The apps are downloadable to your smartphone in a variety y of ways. One way to get them is via a dedicated app store (such as the iPhone store or Android store) and then downloads them direct to your mobile device. The other way, and arguably most common, is to save the mobile sites to your homepage and create a kind of homemade app. With many app stores still having a hard time justifying placing betting apps in their marketplace, this is a good way around the problem for most bookmakers.

Once the app is downloaded all you will need is to connect to it like you would any web page. This can be via Wi-Fi, 3G or even 4G. Most will require at least 3G to run smoothly but they will load on some EDGE platforms also, just load times will be massively increased.

Types of betting you can do with your mobile

As the technology for betting apps continue to improve, as do the markets that are on offer. In fact, many bookmakers have a like for like in terms of number of sports that they promote on their betting sites and betting apps. The major difference generally comes from the live or in-play markets. As these markets chop and change so often you probably won’t get the full 100+ plus markets on say 888 Sports for a Premier League game, but live betting is still available, just a little more limited.

The market coverage has seen the biggest increase in terms of mobile betting over the years. The majority of the major mobile betting apps are just a smaller version of their big brother betting sites. So you can add your accumulators, each way bets, spread bets, Yankee, Heinz, Lucky 15’s or whatever your tipple may be.

Advantages of mobile betting

The biggest and most obvious advantage to mobile betting is the freedom and availability of it all. By simply firing up a small app you can have the whole of a betting site available on your phone, in seconds, from anywhere in the world. You don’t even need a Wi-Fi connection with pretty much all the apps we have tried and tested running seamlessly on a 3G connection.

As with all things technology based, the market moves extremely fast in terms of updates and upgrades; mobile betting is no exception. Apps are updated on what feels like a weekly basis to improve layouts, betting coverage, aesthetics and everything in between. If you compared the betting apps from say 5 of the major online bookmakers to the same ones of 12 months ago then you can be certain that they will look and probably function very differently than they do now. Bookmakers have realized that the market is starting to integrate into the mobile world and they are doing all they can to supply the demand for on the go betting.

With mobile betting attraction a new generation of bettors, bookmakers are using every trick in the book to try and get this younger audience to sign up. One of the ways they do so is by offering mobile specific betting or sign up offers. Companies such as 888 Sports run masses of TV ads and many of them are related to their mobile betting app. They often tweet things like “Take a picture of yourself using the 888 Sports app and we will give the best picture a free £25 bet”. It’s all a marketing ploy, but essentially it’s great for mobile bettors as they can take the bookmakers up on these deals, especially when it’s free money on the table.