The Best Football Podcasts

Football PodcastsThis is a list of decent Football Podcasts, now please bear in mind I am a Liverpool supporter so this list might seem a bit biased but there are some really good general ones on this list. If you want to add your favorite ones to this list let me know using the form below and I will add it. These will have no order or preference im just listing ones I listen to.

Football Podcast List

General Football Podcasts

[ftctabox boxstyle=”1″]Newstalk – Off the ball– This is a good show on Irish radio. Every week day from 9pm to 10pm the hosts do a show that talks about all football and every team with plenty of guests. Really good football show. They talk about other sports from 7pm to 9pm.[/ftctabox] [ftctabox boxstyle=”1″] – This is another radio station that has very good shows, my personal favorites is the show called The Sports Bar on from 10pm to 1am Monday to Friday, its a very good and funny call in show with Andy Goldstein and Jason Cundy. The other one I like is Call Collymore which is another call in show on every Saturday 6pm until 9pm and Sunday 4pm until 6pm. Actually on Sunday they have one called the Press Pass which is also good, its on from 6pm until 8pm.[/ftctabox] [ftctabox boxstyle=”1″]The Second Captains – These guys do a show every Monday and Thursday and talk everything football. The have plenty of guests from around the world and talk everything football related. I listen to this twice a week every week.[/ftctabox] [ftctabox boxstyle=”1″]BBC 5 Live – The BBC have a few good shows, its kind of like match of the day on Radio. They talk about every football story going. My personal favorite show is the one called the Monday Club with Mark Chapman and guests.[/ftctabox] [ftctabox boxstyle=”1″]Graham Hunter The Big Interview – Graham Hunter is a famous journalist and Spanish football expert. You’ve probably heard him talk Barcalona on one of your favorite radio shows. In The Big Interview hes travels around and interviews some of the biggest names in football. Its a very good show that gets millions of downloads.[/ftctabox] [ftctabox boxstyle=”1″] The Football Ramble – The footabll ramble won the best of iTunes in 2015 so its gotta be a good one. I have not listened to this one yet but I see its very popular so am going to start listening now. They seem to preview all the weekends games and talk about all the football stories.
[/ftctabox] [ftctabox boxstyle=”1″]The Sunday Supplement – This is a tv show that is on sky sports on Sunday morning. Some of the countries leading journalists sit around an talk about the biggest stroies of the week. I listen to this every Sunday, it pretty good.[/ftctabox]

Liverpool FC Podcasts

[ftctabox boxstyle=”1″]The Anfield Index – This is another Liverpool one. They have plenty of shows from fans all around the world. My personal favorites are the ones called Day Trippers, bunch of guys from Ireland that talk about the previous games and general news. Its a funny show. The other one I like is the Premier League Preview Show, they preview the next game and usually have the opposing fan on it too. If your a Liverpool supporter the AI guys will have a show you like.[/ftctabox] [ftctabox boxstyle=”1″]The Anfield Wrap – This is a Liverpool football podcast. Its behind a paywall for most of the shows but every Monday and Friday they offer free shows. They talk everything Liverpool FC and is very good.[/ftctabox]

Manchester United Podcasts

[ftctabox boxstyle=”1″]United we Stand – This is a very popular Manchester United Podcast. It has millions of downloads every month so it must be good.

Rant Cast – Manchester United football fans podcast.

Red Devils Chat – Manchester United fans podcast.[/ftctabox]

Arsenal FC Podcasts

[ftctabox boxstyle=”1″]ArseCast – This is an Arsenal football podcast. This is attached to one of the biggest Arsenal fan websites in the world [/ftctabox]

Thats all the football podcasts I know about and now its over to you. Help us make the Best Football Podcast list online by letting us know about your favorite podcasts. Fill in the form below with your teams podcasts and I will add them to this list. Don’t forget to like our Facebook page and share it with your friends.