How to make a new Super 6 Account.

I get a lot of emails about accounts been locked, details lost etc. I provided you with details on how to recover your account details:

If you cannot recover your account details from the page above you can send an email to the following address.

If you cannot get your account back opened this way I think your only option would be to make a new account. This would be only used as a final option, try to get your account open through the proper means.

How to make a new account.

  • You can make an account in a partner or family members name.
  • Your old account name is John or Jane Doe. You could make a new one using John Joe Doe, Jane Anne Doe.
  • Your address is 123 Something Road. You could use Something Road instead.

Some things to keep in mind when making a new account.

If you made your account using a desktop. Use your phone to make a new one. And vice versa across other devices.

Before you go to make your new account. Clear your internet history.

Its best to try and get your account open the correct way rather than make a new one. This is just a last option guide, I take no responsibility if this gets your account locked.