Get a Free £10 Premier League Bet

Did you see the guy the other day? he did a Yankee Bet on 4 matches, all he did was guess the correct score of 4 games, it cost him £11 and he won a staggering £190,000 – Now that is what you call a good bet!

£190k Yankee Bet

Why not try your luck with a similar bet on this weeks games. SkyBet offer a free £10 Bet for anyone that makes an account with them, use that £10 to be on what you like! Who knows you could get as lucky as the guy above all for free! On top of there no deposit free bet they do a game called Super 6 – it’s free to play every week and they give £100,000 to anyone who can beat the game – One Million Players and counting!

Super 6 - 1 Million Players play this game every week

SkyBet are one of the best sites for betting on the Premier League, check them out today with a completely free £10 bet.