Super 6 Round 10 Winner

This weeks winner got £5,000 with 4 correct predictions there were 10 players in all with 4 correct predictions and 2 were just one minute off the golden goal which was scored by in the 4th minute by Myles Weston winning Alastair Deards from Maidstone a very nice £5000 who guessed it to be scored in the 4th minute well done to him! Next weeks round is back to the premiership.

If you like to play Super 6 you might be interested in playing Paddy Powers Last Man Standing competition.
The rules are simple!

  • Select one team to win from this weekends PremierLeague Fixtures
  • If they win you are through to the next round, lose and you are out
  • The Last Man Standing wins the Guaranteed Jackpot!

Last Man Standing

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