Super 6 Round 19 Winner

The jackpot almost went this week Karen Wragg from Dudley was just one off with 5 correct scores for her troubles she gets a nice early Christmas present of £5,000. The golden goal did not matter this week but just for the record it was scored in the 25th minute by Stewart Downing. Remember this game is completely free to play if you get all 6 correct you win £100,000 and the top scorer gets £5000 if the jackpot does not go, the next round is next Saturday have your entries in by 3pm.

If you like to play Super 6 you might be interested in playing Paddy Powers Last Man Standing competition.
The rules are simple!

  • Select one team to win from this weekends PremierLeague Fixtures
  • If they win you are through to the next round, lose and you are out
  • The Last Man Standing wins the Guaranteed Jackpot!

Last Man Standing

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